Lavoies Farm is family owned and operated.

On any given day, you may see owner and farmer Adrien Lavoie busy at the farm doing a bit of everything that it takes to keep a farm going; picking produce, sorting pumpkins or apples, answering customer questions, giving hay rides, driving a tractor, and so much more.

John and Ruth Lavoie may technically be retired from farming, but you can still seem them most days working hard and helping out where ever they can.¬†Occasionally, Adrien’s three children can be spotted playing in the fields. From time to time, you’ll even see Adrien’s wife, Nadine, and extended family members pitching in around the farm.

Many of the employees at Lavoies also return year after year. Say hi to Ricky when he brings in a load of freshly picked sweet peaches or Cori while she sorts tomatoes between assisting customers.

All of Lavoies Farm is on land in scenic Hollis, NH, with most of the acreage off of Nartoff Road and at Woodmont on Silver Lake Road.

While the Farm is mere minutes from Amherst Street in Nashua, NH, and has two farm stands conveniently located in Nashua, when you drive out to Lavoies Farm you’re quickly transported into the rural countryside where you get the opportunity to see where your produce is grown and even enjoy picking your own produce (strawberries, blueberries, apples, and pumpkins).

In the Fall at Lavoies Farm you can also enjoy hay rides, a corn maze, a corn boil, and apple cider – all free with any produce purchase.